Roadside Repair Essentials: Troubleshooting Made Simple


What common roadside repair problems can be quickly and easily solved with the right set of tools?

Breakdowns and accidents can be unpredictable. If you find yourself in dire need of repair, you must have a few things on hand to get the job done quickly and safely. These roadside repair essentials range from potential mechanical issues to safety items that should always be readily available.



It’s important to keep a few selected tools handy in order to tackle the majority of roadside repairs. Your loadout should include several basic tools, such as a set of pliers, screwdrivers, and adjustable wrenches. Additionally, you should also keep any automotive-specific tools needed for your car, such as a set of spark plug socket wrenches, a tire iron, or a lug nut wrench.

Fuses, Blades & Fluids


Along with physical tools, it is important to keep a few necessary supplies in your glove box. Always have some spare fuses in case of electrical outages, as well as extra blades for windshield wiper blades. Finally, be sure to keep some oil and transmission fluid on-hand to top-up fluids should they become low.

Emergency Kit


It is never a bad idea to have an emergency kit in case of an unexpected emergency. This kit should include items such as a reflective triangle, a tire repair kit, and a first-aid kit. Additionally, it is important to also keep flame-retardant window shade covers, flares, and jumper cables in the car in case of further issues that may arise.



By keeping these roadside repair essentials readily available, you should have no trouble troubleshooting any emergencies you come across en route. Taking the extra time to prepare for whatever may come your way is sure to put your mind at ease when travelling.